Advertise where your customers are. Google.
Intelligent, targeted ads on Google are very effective.

Google AdWords Advertising allows for instant search exposure and first page ranking.
Measurable, Accountable & Flexible

PPC (pay per click) marketing campaigns provide the highest ROI for our clients that need immediate results. Sometimes a business owner cannot wait for organic SEO, or an SEO campaign to start producing huge results. Our PPC management and AdWords process is designed to immediately start driving new business! Our team of AdWords professionals are waiting to help you convert more leads today.

Google AdWords Service

Intelligent, targeted ads on Google are very effective. Imagine when a customer searches for “pizza” or “italian food” and your ad appears offering 10% off their meal. We’ll design the ad, track the effectiveness, and make sure you get customers.

Reveal Marketing Solutions will craft solid AdWords campaigns that promote your specialty services with the right message that drive new customers to your business.

Google Ads can yield instant results if done intelligently. We optimize your campaign so you pay less per click and only target customers in your area. In addition, we track the results to ensure you’re getting a high ROI.

Measurable, Accountable, Flexible

Reveal shows you how many people notice your ads, what percentage click to visit your website and call your practice. With our phone tracking tools, we can even see the actual calls your practice is receiving as a direct result of your ads.

Insights around the clock

We can see how your ads are doing at any time by logging on to your Google AdWords account. To save you time, we’ll also send you a monthly summary listing all the key stats and numbers that matter including how many new patient calls you received from your campaigns and recordings of the calls.

Stop, Start, Pause, Test

Reveal will tweak your ads, try new search terms, pause your campaign and re-start whenever you like, as part of your monthly Google AdWords Campaign. With digital advertising we are able to change your offer, demographics and messaging on the fly. Google AdWords Advertising is a cost effective way to advertise in your local area without the cost of printing and postage.

Google AdWords – Pay Per Click Santa Rosa
Our Pay Per Click Advertising Services Includes:

Keyword Selection
Distribution Choices
Advertisement Creation
Landing Page Creation
Phone Tracking & Recording
Bid Optimization
Ongoing Optimization
Reporting & Analysis
Phone Call Tracking and Recording
Phone, Web & Email Support

AdWords Advertising Santa Rosa
Google Ads appear on the top of Google Search Result pages. In this example we used Dentist Santa Rosa as our Keyword Phrase. Although many end users know that these are paid ads, an ad in the first position on Google gets an average click through rate of 7%.
Google Maps are located right under the Google AdWords Advertisements. Business Address/Location Is The Primary Piece Of Information Sought By Local Searchers when determining weather or not to visit your business. Your business needs to appear in Google Maps with-in a 15 mile radius of your customers search from their desktops or mobile devices.

Whats Your ROI?

Why market your business if you can’t track the results of your marketing efforts?
At Reveal Marketing we believe you should always be aware of how your marketing dollars are
being spent and the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Google AdWords Optimization & Reporting

Google AdWords Optimization Santa Rosa

Reveal Marketing Manages and Optimizes your business’ Google AdWords, Remarketing and Social Media Advertising daily. We create many ads to see what ads are performing better than others. Reveal looks at many different metrics each day to ensure your ads are competing at a very high level. We meet with and report to you weekly to discuss each campaign and answer any questions you have.

Customer Lead Generation Tracking

Google AdWords Call Tracking & Reporting

Reveal Marketing will track all of your new customer leads from every campaign we are working on with you. We track your campaigns using call tracking software that will let us know how many calls your business receives each month from both Local SEO and Paid Online Advertising. You are able to log-in to your call tracking dashboard a review your call each day and even listen to the type of call it was.

Remarketing Advertising

Have you ever wondered why your most recent search on Ebay is popping up on the ESPN article you’re currently reading?
Give your customers a reason to return and purchase your services or book an appointment yields BIG results.

A large part of your web presence stems from the stopping power of your website. A good website draws your customer in and leaves a mark. A great website follows them well past their visit. Literally. Cache marketing is using coding and software as a means of tracking your customers across the Internet.

After only one visit, your visitor will be receiving more ads built exactly around your services. Once they have made their first visit, they are going to find your advertisements appearing on their social media, in Google Ad space and on search engines. The results of Cache Marketing are a more enduring online presence. When properly done, this tool ensures your customers are always thinking of you.

Roll Over The Graphics Below To Learn More About The Remarketing Process & How It Works.

Customers are online looking for your products and services every day. The first step in Remarketing Advertising is to make sure your website is well optimized for local search or to be running a Google AdWords Campaign to target new customers.
When potential customers find your website through Google Search or through paid advertising (Google AdWords) they will land on your website. The customer will navigate through your site for the first time and may or may not visit your store, restaurant or schedule an appointment.
If you are not running a Remarketing campaign and a potential client leaves your site without making an action on the site we deem to be a conversion (Call, Book, Schedule, Contact) the potential new client will go on searching the internet and may forget about your business.
Using Remarketing Advertising builds a loyal customer and patient base. Making sure your brand is in front of potential customers at all times is why Remarketing Advertising will increase the ROI of your businesses online marketing investment.
When a potential customer leaves your site and searches the internet your Remarketing Banner Ads will appear on the sites they are viewing reinforcing your brand reminding the potential customer to visit you.
If you are running a Remarketing campaign and a potential client leaves your site without making an action on the site we deem to be a conversion (Call, Book, Schedule, Contact) the potential new client will go on searching the internet and see banner ads throughout the websites they are visiting. This strengthens your brand and insures potential customers remember you.

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